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Ground Support Equipment

Jetstreme GSE is one of the fastest-growing ground support equipment companies, offering a wide array of high quality aviation support products and parts backed buy world renowned gse manufacturing companies. Ground power units, air starters, Jacks, towbars, oxygen trolleys to name a few …Jetstreme is also a supplier of approved parts with maintenance schedules to keep your equipment in perfect working order. Jetstreme GSE is further more an approved Tronair Service Centre.

Jetstreme in Partnership with Givalha.


Maintenance & Repairs

Givalha Specialized services and Jetstreme GSE have been working hand in hand for over 30 years in the ground support equipment industry.

Jacks and Tow-bars

As a Tronair approved Service Centre we are your number one stop service provider. New or used equipment any make we will assist you.
Overhaul, repair or new sales on all GSE. 

Air Starters (ASU) & Ground Power Units (GPU)


 We supply full service and maintenance programs for your ASU’s and GPU’s. Saving you time and money allowing you to focus on the rest of your business. Further we lease and supply Both nationwide and to neighboring countries.

Load testing and Calibration


We utilize SANAS calibrated testing equipment accompanied with the most up to date load testing procedures to comply and adhere to national & International testing standards. We also offer onsite testing nation wide.

Calibration and Load testing done on : Ground Power Units, Air Starters, Jacks, Tow-bars, Engine Cranes, Slings, Block & Tackle and many more.

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Shaping the Future


We specialize in all Aircarft GSE, any make and type. Repair, servicing & overhaul we provide you with a international warranty.

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